Audio Recording – With SGM Studio’s state of the art equipment, we can guarantee that your experience will exceed your expectations. We are a full service recording studio, located in San Diego, CA.

Audio Mixing – Audio mixing takes place following the recording phase. This process encompasses the combination of multiple sounds to make all parts of the piece come together in a more tonally balanced manner. 

Custom Productions – Are you looking to release your tracks, but you’re unsure about working with software or don’t have a professional studio? Let us create a custom-made track that meets all your needs.

Stereo Mastering – Let the experts at SGM Studio assist you in finalizing your tracks. Having experience in all genres of music, we are confident in our abilities to provide quality masters for all genres. 

Stem Mastering – One of the main differences from stereo mastering is that stem mastering involves processing the final mix as five to ten different stems. The mastering engineer uses these stems to ultimately create the final master.