Stem Mastering

If you’re looking to have a more balanced and better-processed final product, then stem mastering might be the best method for you.

One of the main differences from stereo mastering is that stem mastering involves processing the final mix as five to ten different stems. The mastering engineer uses these stems to ultimately create the final master. This process utilizes several grouped instruments to enhance any specific instruments within a mix. Typically, these include drums, bass, instruments, vocals, and effects. Additional stems can be broken out for more control as well. These may include kick drums, individual bass sounds, toms, and fills.

Though the costs for this service can be a bit higher, the benefits that come with stem mastering might be worth it. Since the mix has already been mixed by the mixing engineer, it likely will not be altered too much during stem mastering. If you would like to have the mastering engineer help with a Stem Mix and Master, please request that on your inquiry.