Stereo Mastering

Let the experts at SGM Studio assist you in finalizing your tracks. Having experience in all genres of music, we are confident in our abilities to provide quality masters for all genres. 
One of the final steps post-production is stereo mastering. Here, the mastering engineer will encode your files with all of the proper information and to optimize playback across all platforms. Equalization, compression, and stereo imaging are just some of the tools that stereo mastering utilizes. 

Unlike stem mastering, stereo mastering involves only sending a stereo file to the mastering engineer. Once they receive the final mix, they will make any suggestions and final decisions for the mix. If you’re looking for simpler delivery and less expensive production costs, then stem mastering may be the best method for your project. 

Mastering is said to be the “polish” that coats the final bit of music and allows for a cohesive flow from song to song in terms of volume, tone, and balance. Once the songs are optimized and sequenced, the files are encoded with ISRC codes and track names so that the mastering engineer can create copies from these final masters. What you end up with is a high-quality mastered stereo file that is ready for your next steps. 

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